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Floor precautions


Furniture and appliances should be moved with care to avoid gouging. Do not attempt to push or pull them without protecting the floor.

Furniture and appliances can cause indentations in the floor unless they are supported with wide-bearing non-staining floor protectors.

Keep high heeled/narrow tipped shoes off your floor.  They are harmful to all types of flooring materials including vinyl.  So indulge that impulse to kick off your shoes when you walk through the front door.  You will feel better and so will your floors.

Certain substances such as oil, fertilizers, asphalt from driveway, driveway sealers with an asphalt or coal tar base and some carpet dyes can cause permanent stains, especially in traffic areas.

Using mats with a soft backing may help prevent these tracked-in stains.  Do not use rubber backed mats as they may stain or coco-fiber mats as they may scratch.  When mats get heavily soiled, replace them.

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