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Understanding Ceramic Tile


To help understand this product and its limitations, precautions and maintenance:

  1. The newly installed tile must not be walked on for the first 24 hours. This time is necessary to allow proper curing and bonding of the tile adhesive.
  2. Finding the grout rough and gritty following installation is not uncommon. After 72 hours, damp water mopping daily for the first week or so will help cure the grout to its full strength. With age and time, all grout will smooth and change color somewhat from its original appearance.
  3. Furniture, chairs and appliances should be properly supported and protected at the floor level to reduce possible tile damage.
  4. Concrete is subject to expansion, contraction, settling and cracking, which may cause cracks, hollow spots or both. These conditions can be neither controlled or warranted by the contractor. These conditions may occur and are assumed risks of the homeowner or builder. Some precautions can be taken with the installation of a slip sheet.
  5. Grout materials cannot be expected to look as even and uniform as a painted color. Grout is color-pigmented cement and is subject to shading, mottling and color drift. Exact color match to samples cannot be guaranteed.
  6. Once the job is completed and cleaned, the grout joints can be sealed. A once over with your sealer according to the instructions will do the job. If your tile is glazed, these sealers will not harm the surface as long as they are wiped clean. Should you elect to use a sealer, allow two weeks from the date of installation before application.

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