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Nothing beats the durability of ceramic tile. With so many patterns available it is easy to find one to fit your budget from Shaw, Marazzi, Interceramic, Mannington, Stone Solutions and many others.

Tile continues to grow in popularity and with good reason. Tile has a natural, handcrafted look that’s durable and easy to care for. Tile works well in areas with high foot traffic, and is especially suited for areas where water and dirt enter the house or business. Design patterns are limitless when using all of the possible combinations of size, texture and color.  You can further your creativity with the use of colored grouts.

Ceramic tile has been around for hundreds of years, but today the available styles and colors of ceramic tile are almost endless. Ceramic tile manufacturers are creating new designs and application possibilities every day. With durability, low-maintenance and beauty, ceramic adds quality and value to floors, walls and countertops.

Ceramic tile is a natural product made up of clay, stone and a number of other natural minerals and water. Ceramic tiles may be painted or glazed and are more uniform in appearance than most porcelain tiles. Porcelain looks much more like natural stone.  Porcelain tile is made with special clays and minerals that are kiln-fired at very high temperatures. As a result, porcelain is harder and denser than other tile products, frost proof, highly stain, scratch and water-resistant.

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