What is laminate flooring?


Laminate is a manufactured product that simulates the look of hardwood, ceramic tile, natural stone and many other types of flooring.

In the past laminate floors have been easy to spot, but today’s technology allows manufactures to create realistic visuals and textures for an elegant and quality floor.

By using the countertop technology and adding considerable more resin to the wear layer, some laminate manufacturers boast that their laminate floors are now 10 to 20 times harder than laminate countertops.  Since this resin-filled layer is so dense, it becomes extremely difficult to stain or scratch.

Laminate is the choice for those shoppers who want the look and feel of real hardwood or stone but without the cost or maintenance that can be associated with natural products.

Laminates function well in any space with it’s many different styles and colors.

Laminate flooring is stain resistant, so eliminates the need to be varnished or waxed.

Laminate floors are less likely to fade in direct sunlight.

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