Carpet Cleaning

So why choose Best-Way Carpet Services for your residential & commercial cleaning?

Best-Way has been cleaning carpets in the central Texas area with the same owners and location for 20+ years

Best-Way uses the highest quality truck mounted hot water extraction system aka steam cleaning-the preferred cleaning method

Best-Way offers complete residential and commercial carpet cleaning with expert care

At Best-Way our professional carpet cleaners are experienced in cleaning all types of carpet, upholstery and a wide variety of soiling issues

Best-Ways’ cleaning products are soap free, hypo-allergenic, non toxic which are safe for children & pets

Best-Way cleans upholstery, rugs and automobile floors and cloth seats both on-site or at our shop

Best-Way has 24-hour water restoration services available

Regular carpet cleaning is an essential part of protecting the beauty and life of your carpet.  However, the proper procedures and cleaning methods should be used to gain the full benefits and to avoid potential problems associated with cleaning.

The recommended cleaning method from carpet manufacturers is hot water extraction (steam cleaning). A solution of cleaning agents and extremely hot water is injected deep into the carpet pile under pressure.  The solution liquefies and suspends the soil.  A powerful vacuum immediately extracts the solution along with the soil.  When properly performed, the majority of the moisture is removed leaving the carpet damp to the touch.

Avoid do-it-yourself cleaning methods.  Cleaning machines, either purchased or rented, can cause several problems.  First they commonly leave behind ground in soil which causes premature wear.  Second, most detergents associated with do-it-yourself equipment leave a sticky, soapy residue, which acts as a dirt magnet and leads to rapid resoiling.  Over wetting, always a danger with do-it-yourself methods can cause separation of the carpet backing, which is an irreversible condition.

Carpet Protection-extend the life of your carpet

After your carpets are cleaned, ask the cleaning tech about carpet protector.  Carpet protector will not eliminate stains, but will make them easier to clean when they do occur prolonging the life and luster of your carpet.  There is no reason to leave your newly cleaned carpet unprotected.

Upholstery Cleaning

Best-Way’s deep hot water extraction method renews and revives your furniture and upholstery, stripping away all the dirt and grime collected from every day life.  Dirt, dust, germs and pet hair get into the fabric easily and only professional care can get rid of them.  Clean upholstery will create a cleaner environment and increase air quality in your house.  A deep down cleaning for your upholstery will bring back its vibrant color and beauty.  And frequent deep cleaning will ensure longer life of your upholstery.

Automotive Cleaning

With all the dust and grime that builds up in the hot Texas summers everyone’s car or truck could use a good cleaning every once in awhile. Automotive cloth upholstery and floor cleaning is probably a service that most of our customers do not even know that Best-Way offers.  Our deep steam extraction method is perfect for removing what life throw at your car’s interior.  We can remove what your kids left in the back seat or just what builds up on life’s daily treks.

When soil and grime enter your vehicles’ carpet and upholstered surfaces they act like sandpaper on the delicate fibers.  Over time this leads to wear and fiber damage.  Regular cleanings will help eliminate the dirt that is the leading cause of fiber damage.

24/7 Water Damage Restoration

Our experienced technicians are available nights, weekends and holidays for your emergency services requiring water extraction and restoration.  Our response time is unbeatable with technicians that are outfitted to take care your issues and get your life back on track.



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