Laminate Tips/FAQs


Where did laminate flooring originate?

Laminate floors originated in Europe in 1977. Why Europe?  Since laminate can be installed over many types of existing floor, it has made it a natural for old buildings.  Laminates weren’t introduced to the US and Canada till 1994, but they have become very popular since then.

What is laminate flooring?

Laminate floors are constructed of several layers of different materials that are pressed together under very high pressure making it an extremely durable floor.  These layers generally consist of a moisture barrier on the bottom, with a layer of high density fiberboard laid on top of that.  Next is what determines the appearance.  It is a high resolution image of the type of floor it is made to resemble topped by very durable, clear layer of resin coated cellulose.  Laminate floor gives the appearance of hardwood, ceramic tile, stone or even brick without using any of those products.

How can I remove dried glue from my laminate floors?

Hardened glue left over after your floor is installed can be removed using an acetone nail polish remover or special glue solvents.

Can pets damage my new laminate floor?

Yes, it is possible for dogs and cats to damage any type of flooring including laminate floors.  Although laminate floors are extremely durable, they can be scratched by untrimmed pet claws.  Keeping claws trimmed will help keep you new floor looking beautiful for many years.

Can a chip in my laminate floor be repaired?

For chips, deep scratches and gouges there are products to repair these areas.  If the damage is too severe, the damaged plank can be replaced without destroying the rest of the floor.  We suggest you leave plank replacement to the professional installer.


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