Hardwood Tips/FAQs


Can I wet mop my new hardwood floor?

You should never wet mop a hardwood floor, this will raise the grain and may permanently damage the wood’s surface.  Use Woodpecker floor care to clean and protect your hardwood floor.  Always apply the Woodpecker cleaner directly to the terry cloth flooring mop, not the floor.

Do I have to keep the room temperature and humidity level controlled all year round?

All hardwood floors can be adversely effected by extreme changes in humidity.  During the hot, humid weather a de-humidifier may be required. Likewise in the dry, heated winter months humidification may be necessary.

Can a gouge or deep scratch in my wood flooring be repaired?

If the damage is smaller than the size of a quarter you can usually use a repair kit recommended by your manufacturer to repair the damage.  If it is any larger, the plank should be replaced.

Is one width better than another when it comes to wood floor strips and planks?

No, it comes down to what you prefer.  Most people say a narrow board will give you a more formal look, while a broad board will give you a more country feel.



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